2021-2022 Auditions
Auditions are available by appointment.
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Audition Policies


  • Auditions are required for all ensembles.

  • Each audition has a $15 fee

If you need assistance in selecting an appropriate ensemble for your child, please email


Audition Requirements


All auditioning students will be asked to perform:


  1. Solo of the student's choosing

  2. Posted excerpt for the desired ensemble (select from the tabs below)

  3. Symphony Auditions will include sight-reading




Intermezzo Excerpt Details:

Students must play a solo in addition to the excerpts. No pop music or ensemble music is allowed (aka other orchestra pieces.) The minimum required level for solo is The Two Grenadiers from Suzuki book 2 or equivalent level (for bass students, Moon Over the Ruined Castle.) See your teacher if you have questions about an appropriate solo piece.

Sight-reading will be presented to the student during the audition. Notes from all strings and rhythms such as whole, half, quarter, eighth, dotted half, and a dotted quarter will be present. The student might be asked to play notes in the following keys: D, G, and C major.

Take all repeats where indicated.

Chamber Orchestra



Symphony Orchestra




TYO Small Ensembles


All TYO students are encouraged to participate in our Small Ensemble program.

More details will be provided prior to the fall.