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Alumni Spotlight

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Our Recent Alumni

Lucas Brown

2nd Year Master's in Violin Performance

Depaul University



Advice from TYO/TSYO Alumni

What years were you in TYO?

I was in TYO from 2004 until 2011 when I graduated high school. From 2013 to 2015 I got to come back as a violin coach (which was very surreal)! 


What groups did you participate in?

I started in what was then called Symphonic Strings, then joined the Philharmonia as well as the Tallahassee Fiddlers, followed by Chamber Orchestra, and finally Symphony.


What do you do now?

Currently, I’m in the second and final year of my Masters degree at DePaul University in Chicago, studying Violin Performance.


What is your dream job?

 There are many things about playing the violin that I love, one of which is teaching. I hope to open up my own private studio after graduation. Aside from teaching, my absolute favorite thing to do is play in the pit for musical theatre shows. I played a lot of shows when I was at Chiles High School, and many more with the FSU Music Theatre department. Ideally, I would love to teach during the day, and play for shows at night! 


What is your favorite TYO memory?

There are a lot of amazing memories to choose from, so this is tough. When I look back over the years, one particular concert sticks out to me, and that is the concert with DBR (Daniel Bernard Roumain). At that time, music making was no longer work. Everyone had such a great time!

What did you take away from your time in TYO? How did it help shape your growth as a musician/person?

Aside from all of the invaluable musical knowledge I gained from my incredible peers, coaches, and conductors, I would have to say my friends. I made some of the greatest friends of my life in the youth orchestra. Being surrounded by such good influences, both musically and personally, has shaped who I am today. I can honestly say that without the support system I gained in the Tallahassee Youth Orchestras, I wouldn’t be where I am today. TYO was probably something I took for granted while I was in it, but I am well aware now how valuable the program was to my professional and personal life. I will always look back on TYO with extremely fond memories!  



Vicky Li


Florida State University Honors Program Chemistry 


Brian Ranner


Florida State University Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences


Erin Mulrooney


l'Université Concordia in Montréal,

Canada Études Françaises


Victoria Cea


Florida State

University Majoring in Nursing minor in Spanish


Kennedy Williams


Florida Atlantic University Freshman Direct Admit Nursing Program 

Erica Sandstrum


Florida State University Environmental Chemistry

Jean-Paul Recht

French Horn

Florida State University Honors Program Finance 

Tekla Mendez


Florida State University

College of Music

Music Education

Rafel Fortier


Florida State University

School of Communications Digital Media Production

Lina Ma

University of Central Florida Nursing 

Theodore Waltz


University of Florida 

Ryan Lambert


Tallahassee Community College 

Lauren Mosley


Tallahassee Community College

Exercise Science 

Samantha Crawford


Florida State University

Double Major in Psychology and Music with a minor in English

David LaBarre


Valdosta State University

Violin performance & Information Technology

Cameron Brown


Florida A&M

Music Education

Mia Carter


Florida State University Biochemistry for the Pre-med track

James Spearing


Tallahassee Community College 

Maggie Amato


Florida State University

Music Education

Yungi Hwang


The University of Michigan

LSA honor’s college Neuro Science 

Michelle Waldman


University of

Florida Bio Chemistry 

Mackenzie Janes


Tallahassee Community College Marine Biology 

Desiree Robinson


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Aerospace Engineering

"Join the orchestra if you're not afraid to step outside your comfortable box a little bit, if you love the idea of working closely with your friends to create something of beauty together, and most importantly, if you're looking for a way to HAVE FUN!"


- Ross Holcombe, Principal Trombonist

Spokane Symphony Orchestra

"Dr. Jimenez was essential to my choice of a career in music. With my experience in chamber ensembles I learned that getting along with others was invaluable at such a young age." 


- Drew Pattison, Professor of Bassoon

DePaul University

TYO helped me better understand the nature and importance of discipline as a musician and student.  It deepened my emotional connection to classical repertoire in order to bring out the best in my performances, and it awarded me the joy of building something incredible together with large groups of people - bringing such diverse talent, sound, and musicianship into a single, unified piece or movement. 

- Jordan Rodriguez

Director of E-Commerce

Product Leadership

"Take it seriously. Dr. Jimenez was great. One of my biggest motivators on Sunday at practice was not to waste that man's time. He gave us everything he had, every time we rehearsed, and for me to not be ready to play would have been a huge insult to him. The FSU area has some of the finest musicians in the United States, so don't lose sight of what you're getting when guys like him take the time to rehearse with you.”


- Michael Richardson

Rifle Platoon Leader in the 82nd Airborne Division

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"Music teaches you how to communicate with others and how to build community among others. The importance of music in my life started during my time in TYO and music has continued to impact my life ever since then."


- Lillian Cleveland, Young Adult Volunteer

"The best experience of all was studying under the leadership of Mr. Chris Miller, conductor of the Chamber Orchestra. Mr. Miller help to teach me how to truly make music. Instead of just playing the notes that were written on the page, he helped all of us bring the music to life."


- Victoria Long,

Early Childhood Care and Education Student

"Follow your interests to the best of your abilities and always be super nerdy about them. Be okay with your interests changing a few years down the road and then follow those with the same nerdiness and passion! Don't feel like you have to define who you are and what you want to do for the rest of your life at 18." 


- Kody Glazer,

1st Year Law Student

Florida State University

Mara Eichin


Studying Music Performance and Education at the Univeristy of North Florida.

Elise Ashburn


Studies with Corinne Stillwell

Stephen Barton


Studies Flute Performance at Rice University

Anna Bridges


Studying Biomedical Sciences at FSU

Claudia Edwards


Music Education at Florida State University, College of Music

Matthew Goodson


Training to become a Firefighter Paramedic at TCC

Riley Hirai


Vocal Performance Major at FSU

Luke Johnstone

Saxophone/Double Bass

Attending FSU

Dylan Johnson


Currently attending TCC

Mariah Miller


Studying English at TCC

Joella Mosley


Excercise Science Major at FSU

Jacob Nelson

French Horn

Studying Horn Performance at DePaul University

Julianne Salancy


Psychology Major at Spring Hill College

Raiden Thaler

Viola Performance Major

Florida State University, College of Music

Kevin Waldman


Double Major in Physics and Music Education

Delaney Watson


Studies Music Education at UNC-Greensboro

Kalon Williams


Criminal Justice Major at TCC

Kayla Williams


Viola Performance at Lynn Conservatory of Music

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