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All TYO Ensembles require a placement audition.
Auditions for the 2024-2025 TYO season will be held on May 19th
See audition details HERE

Registration opens on June 1st

Before you click the Registration button below, please read these important details:
Using Active for your registration allows TYO to offer our families the option to pay over a few months, rather than requiring a one-time payment in full as your only option.

Option 1: Credit Card-
Please note that using a credit card has an additional $25 fee within registration.
You can either:
"Pay in Full" during registration with a credit card
"Enroll in payment plan" and pay the $50 deposit during registration and pay the remainder over 4 or 8 payments.
  • The select "Enroll in payment plan".
*If you choose to pay in full by credit card or select a payment plan with your credit card, please do not select Cash/Check at "check out". All registration balances or payment plans paid by credit card but marked "cash/check" will have the $25 credit fee added after registration.
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You have TWO options for your TYO tuition
(Remember to click "Payment Options" during registration):
Option 2: Check/Cash-
This option is ONLY for those paying deposits only now and then bringing a check for the remaining balance to your first rehearsal.
  • Pay the $50 only deposit during registration by credit card and bring a check for the remaining balance to your first rehearsal. For payment by check please:
  1. At Check-Out for "Please select a payment option", choose: "Enroll in payment plan"
    • Do not select Pay in Full (want a picture?)
  2. Under "Choose payment plan" choose "Deposit + 1 payment"

  3. Under "Select billing option" select "Pay balance manually"

  4. Pay your $50 deposit with a credit or debit card, and then mail your balance by check.


P. O. Box 21104

Tallahassee, FL 32316-1104

Scholarship applicants should register prior to scholarship application, marking cash/check and paying ONLY the deposit at the time of registration.
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