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Print, practice
and BRING your music with you to the retreat!
Violin 1

Johnson, N

Fennema P

Zhou, S


Jones, L

Croom, P

Sprinkle, R

VanHoeij S

Violin 2

Wang, J

Euridge, M

deKloet, B

McKinney M

Bae A

Ma L

Morie L

Larremore A

Nguyen C

Michael K


Timpani & Percussion

Note:  We will will be bringing a piano.

Two timpani will be brought by Mr. Miller. 

Please get with each other to work out who is bringing what.  I hope we can have snare, crash, suspended cymbal, bells, triangle, tambourine

tuba is playing the trombone 3 part
Trombone assignments:
1 Ragsdale C
2 Baldridge T

Trumpet assignments:

1 Brinkman K

2 Taylor R

3 Nelson P

Horn part assignments:

1 Bourdeau B

2 Bowman A


Clarinet part assignments:

1 Oberlin T

2 Johnson R

Flute Part assignments:

1 Hatfield A

2 Byrdsong Q



Bass Trombone:
Hill B
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