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Be sure to print and BRING your music with you to the retreat!
Violin 1
Aldrovandi, Caldwell, Croom, Jones, Nino, Richardson, Shelton, Silver, Zhou
Violin 2
Choi, Fennema, Holdcraft, Lee,  Okoli, Rosano

Timpani & Percission

Note:  Three timpani will be brought by Mr. Miller.  Please get with each other to work out who is bringing what.  I hope we can have snare, crash, suspended cymbal, bells, triangle, tambourine

Part assignments:

Olympic Fanfare  timp: Guarraia, perc1:  Chapman,  perc 2:  Reeves (mallet part on bells)

Veriations:  timp: Chapman,  glock:  Reeves,  triangle:  Guarraia

Waltz: no percussion

Millenium: timp:  Reeves, snare:  Chapman,  bells, susp cymb., tri.,:  Guarraia

Trombone 1

Trumpet assignments:

Olympic Fanfare:  Solo trumpet: White, Tr 1: Carter

Variations;  Tr1:  Carter, Tr2:  White, Tr3 Mullin

Waltz:  Tr1:  Mullin and Carter, Tr2:  White

Millenium:  Tr1:  White, Tr2: Mullin, Tr3 Carter

Note:  additional or changed parts for Olympic Fanfare may be added

Horn part assignments:

Olympic Fanfare:  1: Bourdeau,  2:  Tarver,  3:  Stratton

Variations:   1:  Bourdeau, 2: Stratton, 3:  Tarver

Waltz:  all horns on one part

Millenium:  1:  Stratton,  2:   Traver and Bourdeau


Part 1:  Akuoko,  part 2: 

Clarinet part assignments:

Olympic Fanfare: Pt 1: Cerra,  pt 2:  Whitehead and Oberlin

Variations:  Pt. 1: Oberlin, pt. 2: Whitehead and Cerra

Waltz:  pt. 1:  Oberlin,  pt.2:  Cerra and Whitehead

Millenium:  pt. 1:  Cerra,  pt 2:  Oberlin and Whitehead

Note:  there is a bass clarinet part in Millenium if one of you wants to play it.

Flue Part assignments:

Flute 1:  Hatfield,  flute 2:    piccolo:

Oboe part assignments:

Olympic Fanfare:  pt.1:  Struk, pt.2:  Howell and Yun

Variations: Pt. 1: Howell, pt. 2 Yun and Struk

Waltz:  All three play same part

Millenium:  pt. 1: Struk,  pt2: Yun and Howell