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Mira Gaitanis, TYO Intern

Mira was born in raised right here in Tallahassee Florida. She started violin lessons in first grade at Mason’s School of Music and continued grow in her musical studies from there. She has been a long  time member, and now alumni of the Tallahassee Youth Orchestra, and she also took Orchestra as an elective in middle and high school. But she really began to bloom when she began to move outside the box of classical music. In the Acoustic Ensemble and Fiddlers, she was exposed to folk and jazz, and reunited with some old friends, and they later formed a band known as Flat Moon Theory. Their discography consists of two albums and an EP, titled Dreamers in the Dark, Growing from Here, and Universe, Wonder and Time, respectively. 


Through her work with the Tallahassee Youth Orchestra, she hopes to inspire a lifelong love of music, through mentor ship of the younger students.

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