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“For as long as there have been people, there has been music. Music makes us more human and making music together makes us better people. Music making with others teaches empathy, acceptance, and understanding. Music making is essential to the human experience.”


TYO Rehearsals:

TYO will be following the most recent CDC and FSU College of Music's Protocols COVID-19.

All participants and staff of the Tallahassee Youth Orchestras 2021-2022 season will be expected to adhere to the current CDC, Florida State University, and Leon County Covid safety guidelines. Please see the CDC web page for information on safety guidelines and recommendations.


  • First and foremost, if you do not feel well, you should not come to rehearsal (flu, COVID, fever, signs of contagious illness). If anyone in your household has tested positive for COVID, do not attend rehearsals until 10 days after the household is clear of the illness (be sure to let TYO know and we will work to set up a Zoom session for you to "sit in" on your rehearsal)

  • Intermezzo and Chamber students will not share stands and will be seated 3 feet apart

  • Rehearsal start times are staggered to reduce entry and hallway traffic

  • In order to maintain lower numbers in our rehearsal rooms, parents should leave students at the room door after they check in for rehearsals

  • The Florida Board of Governors and Florida State University expect masks to be worn by all individuals in all FSU facilities.

FSU COVID Policies:

Leon County Health Department Vaccine Information:

TYO Concerts:


TYO's concert health and safety protocols are consistent with The Florida Board of Governors and Florida State University. Face masks are expected to be worn in all FSU facilities.

See the University’s Guidelines

Air Purifiers

Florida State University has installed six air purifiers in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall’s orchestra level and four in the balcony. The university installed two air purifiers in Opperman Music Hall.

The purifiers are “Surgically Clean Air”, JADE (SCA5000C). More information is available at:

General Policies

  • Please do not attend a TYO performance if you or anyone with whom you have had contact in the last 14 days has symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Prior to attending a TYO performance, please review the CDC signs and symptoms.

  • In accordance with university policy, masks are recommended while indoors, including while sitting during the performance.

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