On May 7th, 2017, Ruby Diamond auditorium welcomed to the stage the Tallahassee Youth Symphony Orchestra and The Tallahassee Ballet for a monumental performance. The Ballet 2017: Celestial Dance, a youth ballet composed by world-renowned composer and FSU faculty member Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, was the first work by a major composer to be commissioned and premiered by the Tallahassee Youth Orchestras under the direction of Dr. Alexander Jiménez.

The naming of Ballet 2017: Celestial Dance was a gift given to the TYO Symphony students by Ms. Zwilich. By popular vote Celestial Dance and the naming of each movement was decided upon.

This work exemplifies a character filled with mystique and complex nuances. This same, unexplored experience can be visualized onto the world outside our own - out into the vast cosmos that surrounds us. And out in that astronomical macrocosm, there can be found a new sense of understanding and a new connection to the unknown.

Dane Seal, TYO Symphony
French Horn

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